[Lua] WinterZ fast action game



WinterZ is an original game by Jerome Sentex (Wizital). This is a re-implementation using the Lua language and the HARFANG® 3D extension for Lua.

The World was destroyed, nuclear winter came and dead people are back on earth to eat some fresh brains.

You and a bunch of other survivors have to escape and go ahead to find some better places.
Take control of your spaceship and try to go as far as you can.

Warning! this game is very addictive and is definitely not relaxing, you’ve been warned.

WinterZ Logo

How to run WinterZ

  1. Get HARFANG 3D for Lua
  2. Clone/download the WinterZ repository
  3. In the command line, type ‘lua.exe main.lua


  • Original concept, code, art and music : Jerome Sentex
  • Python/Lua reprogramming : Eric Kernin

Video Capture

Video Player (Youtube)