How can i make nice scence map like yours?


Yours works is really great. And the nice real world geo 3d map exciting me at scence/ ( [Tutorials] ). But I’m not sure how can i create the data ,including @data/terrain/island.r16 and @data/terrain/island.isl. So, could you tell me how to make it ?
Thanks very much, and hoping your reply soon



Thanks for your interest in HARFANG and sorry for the long response time.
The .r16 file is a simple bitmap containing 16bit grey value (no RGB, then) heightfield, and the .isl is simply a shader that takes care of rendering the terrain itself, using both a color map and a normal map for more details.

If you need more information, let us know! :slight_smile:


thanks for your response very much. And there are some questions i want to know:

  1. Could you tell me your software to get that files? cause i didn’t success by using World Machine.

  2. The Harfang’s core codes is still maintained? I wanna contribute and very interest in it, but, the private Harfang repo had no core codes.

  3. Is the any method to connect your be quickly, for I need to consult you maybe on my using